These are the 2018 World Video Game Hall of Fame finalists

Winners will be introduced on May 3, and the nominees include classic games such as Call of Duty, Asteroids, Dance Dance Revolution, Metroid, Minecraft, Spacewar, Half-Life, Final Fantasy VIII, and Tomb Raider. Award winners are heavily influenced by the opinion of gamers, who have a collective …

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The Impact of VR on the World of Gaming

If you've been into computer gaming since the good old 1990s, you'd know how hard it is to let go of the classics such as Dave, Mario, Wolfenstein, Solitaire, and Minecraft. Of course, you can play most of these games today, with upgraded experiences and interfaces. However, to truly be motivated to …

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Top Minecraft Servers for Online Players Around The World

The significance of Minecraft servers is that it enables the community of players to compete on the Web or within a local area network with other players. Therefore, several servers are classified through various gameplay features, societal structures, and rules. This makes each server unique with all of …

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