Some of the most useful plugins for Minecraft server owners

Minecraft multiplayer would not be the success that it is without its range of amazing plugins, which modify certain aspects of the game. There are thousands of plugins available for free on the internet, which are very useful and, in some cases, necessary to run your server effectively. There are plugins …

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How to start your very own Minecraft server

Running your own little Minecraft server can be a very rewarding experience. Over time, you may build up your very own community of loyal players, which has the potential to grow in popularity if you play your cards right and run your server well. Although it sounds complicated, running your own server …

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Minecraft server feud results in hoax bomb threats

Cybercriminals have been harassing schools across the UK yesterday, sending over 24,000 bomb threats across the UK. The perpetrator has spoken up about the incident, hinting that it might have originated from a feud over Minecraft. More than 400 schools were evacuated yesterday, according to the …

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